Vietnam hikes fuel prices for a third consecutive time, up VND1,000 per liter

Bich Phuong Friday | 06/12/2020 16:03

Vietnam, known as a motorcycle kingdom, is the fourth largest motorbike market in the world. Photo: cafeF

Vietnam increased fuel prices for the third consecutive time on Friday when daily life and business returned to normal in the country.

The price of E5RON92 gasoline rose by VND988 ($0.04) to VND13,390 ($0.57) per liter, while a liter of RON95-III gasoline rose by VND955 ($0.04) to VND14,080 ($0.6), according to an announcement from Ministries and Finance and Industry and Trade.

In the new price chart taking effect from 3PM on Friday, price of a liter of diesel oil 0.05S increased by VND766 ($0.03) to VND11,515 ($0.49), while kerosene price increased VND853 (0.03) per liter to VND9,610 ($0.4) per liter.

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