INSEE Prize 2024 being a partner with students in building sustainable dream for the community

Hoang Kim Wednesday | 03/27/2024 22:22

INSEE Prize 2024 – The playground for Architecture & Construction students has officially returned

Launched in 2008, INSEE Prize has become a prestigious and professional playground.

INSEE Prize officially kicks off on March 28th, 2024, a scientific playground for Architecture and Construction students nationwide, with a total prize up to VND300 million. The competition is an opportunity for contestants to develop sustainable ideas and the winning project will be actualized to create value for the community.

Launched in 2008, INSEE Prize has become a prestigious and professional playground, attracting a large number of students across the nation to demonstrate their talent, creative passion and at the same time propose practical solutions for sustainable construction. This year, the competition also calls for ideas supported people who limited mobility such as the elderly, people with disabilities, etc.

INSEE Prize 2024 promises to not only provide opportunities for contestants to learn from industry experts, improve skills and knowledge about sustainable construction, but also receive valuable prizes including 1 Champion prize: VND30,000,000 in cash and implementation budget of VND200,000,000 to build the project, 1 Runner-up prize: VND15,000,000 in cash and 3 Consolation prizes, each of VND10,000,000 in cash .

For more information about INSEE Prize 2024, please visit website: and Facebook: Life at INSEE.

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