Jan.-Oct. State Budget revenue hits $60.5 bln, beating target by 6.6%

Bao Dai Thursday | 11/10/2022 13:56

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Domestic taxes and import-export taxes brought in VND1,504,773 billion ($60.5 billion), or 106.59% of the year's expected overall number, as of October 31, 2022, according to a State Treasury report.

Balanced domestic revenue (excluding revenue from crude oil) totaled VND1,194,737 billion ($48 billion), or 101.53% of the estimate; revenue from crude oil was VND63,437 billion, or 224.95% of the estimate, and balanced revenue from import and export activities totaled VND 241,591 billion ($9.7 billion), or 121.40% of the estimate (VAT deduction has been deducted).

When it comes to the management of state expenditure, as of October 31, 2022, the State Treasury system was in charge of an estimated VND761,438 billion ($30 billion), or 68.5% of the projected recurrent expenditures for that year. State Treasury manages the state's budget (excluding debt payment, aid, additional expenditure for a financial reserve fund, and provisions). 

Higher than VND1,902 billion ($76 million) in value compared to the same time in 2021, but 3% lower in proportion than the prediction.

For investment expenses, the total investment capital, control, and payment under the plan in 2022 is VND285,936.2 billion ($11.5 billion), which is equal to 54.4% of the plan that the Prime Minister assigned to control spending through the State Treasury (the plan is VND525,981.9 billion ($21 billion); equal to 48.9% of the capital plan assigned by the Prime Minister and the provincial People's Committee assigned more control over spending through the State Treasury (the plan is VND584,780.4 billion ($23.6 billion) ).

The paid domestic capital is specifically equal to VND274,767.5 billion ($11 billion), or 55.9% of the capital plan that the prime minister issued to the state treasury for control of spending; this amount is equal to 50% of the capital plan that the prime minister and the provincial people's committee assigned more control over through the State Treasury.

The amount of foreign money confirmed and under control through the State Treasury is VND11,168.7 billion ($451 million) or 32.1% of the plan that the Prime Minister set to oversee expenditure through the State Treasury.

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