Coal-fired power plants may cost Vietnam $7-9 billion in health bills

Xuan Thinh Wednesday | 11/13/2019 17:26

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Emissions from Vietnam’s coal-fired power plants could impose $7-9 billion health cost on society in 2030, Danish government’s Energy Outlook Report 2019 has warned.

Emissions from the energy sector are increasing quickly. If there is no additional gas source, the cost of air pollution from the power sector could reach $23 billion per year, equivalent to 2% of the country’s GDP in 2050.

This cost will be reduced to $7 billion if measures to save energy, usage of renewable energy and liquefied natural gas are implemented.

Coal is the main source of carbon dioxide emissions and contributes with 65% to 75% of total CO2 emissions from the energy system.

Despite being an energy exporter for years, Vietnam has become an energy importer since 2015.

By 2030, coal and oil imports are expected to increase sharply. The dependence on fuel imports could be reduced from 60% to 51% in 2030 and from 71% to 58% in 2050, if renewable energy sector is developed.

The report recommended a stable and transparent framework needs conditions for wind and solar power expansion, including plans and targets, a transparent and coordinated approval system for projects, and international standard power purchase agreement.

Energy demand increased by about 10 percent in the period of 2001-10, electricity demand increased by 13 per centper year same period and about 11 percent between 2011-18.

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