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Vietnam ranks No 2 in the world for enthusiasm for travel

Thu Ky Friday | 06/24/2022 13:39

Foreign travelers in Vietnam

Ranked after India with a modest gap of one percent, Vietnam is among the countries with the highest enthusiasm for traveling now and for confidence in welcoming foreign travelers.

Vietnam ranks second in’s Travel Confidence Index with 85 percent of Vietnamese travelers planning to travel in the next 12 months.

The high ranking shows that Vietnamese are optimistic about the changes in tourism in the post-pandemic period, including interruptions in itineraries and travel costs.

The survey by also shows the Vietnamese people’s high confidence in receiving inbound tourists. This is a positive signal for the tourism market to create momentum in the near future.

Most Vietnamese travelers plan to book from one to two trips this year (62 percent), while 45 percent of the surveyed people said they wanted to go to famous attractions near Vietnam (3-8 hours of flight), instead of short-distance trips (less than 3 hours of flight) and long-distance ones (more than eight hours of flight).

Notably, up to 82 percent said they felt comfortable with Vietnam's reopening of borders, and 75 percent were confident about the tourism industry's ability to welcome international visitors. 

Forty-five percent of Vietnamese travelers said they wanted to travel because they had planned trips before the pandemic and their plans were canceled because of Covid-19. 

Thirty two percent wanted to go to places they love, while 32 percent just simply wanted to go out, regardless of the destination.

However, while they wanted to travel, they still have some worries. Travel cost is an issue that 53 percent are concerned about. Also, they fear being isolated (36 percent) and the possibility of catching Covid-19 during travel.’s report showed that for every four travelers in Asia-Pacific (APAC), three were ready to discover the world in the next year.

Vietnam is among the top 3 countries with the highest confidence index in domestic and international travel (85 percent). The No 1 position belongs to India (86 percent), while China, with 79 percent, is No 3.

In the APAC region, many people want to travel just to escape the pressure of work. In Southeast Asia, people pay high attention to mental health, with 56 percent of surveyed considering this the most important reason for them to travel.

The ranking was based on a survey of 11,000 travelers from 11 countries and territories in Asia and Oceania in April and May 2022.

Source: VietnamNet

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