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Galaxy Original “Missing: Eve of Tet” Wins Award at Asia-Pacific Broadcasting + Award 2024

Lam Nhi Monday | 06/03/2024 13:43

Two representatives from Galaxy Play receiving the award at the event

Asia-Pacific Broadcasting +, established in 1983, is one of the leading organizations in the Asia-Pacific region.

Inspired by a true story, the 8-episode series directed by Hàm Trần has been highly praised for its creative storytelling, unexpected twists, deep dive into criminal psychology, and explosive performances by actors Kiều Trinh, Lê Huỳnh, Lý Hồng, and others. This is the second exclusive series produced by Galaxy Play to be honored at the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting + Award 2024.
Mrs. Phạm Hải Anh, Chief of Scriptwriter, stated: “This award is a great motivation for Galaxy Play to continue producing films that utilize advanced technology, with outstanding and unique content, to deliver high-quality, regionally competitive VOD entertainment products to our audience.”

Asia-Pacific Broadcasting +, established in 1983, is one of the leading organizations in the Asia-Pacific region, significantly influencing the multimedia communication sector, particularly in television, radio, and digital media platforms. For 18 years, Asia-Pacific Broadcasting + has been organizing major global broadcasting trade shows such as NAB, IBC, BIRTV, BroadcastAsia, and CCBN.

In 2023, Vietnam proudly won the "Excellence Award for Theater Grade Sound" for the series “Hùng Long Phong Bá 2” with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos technology. In 2024, “Missing: Eve of Tet” won the "Series Production" category at Asia-Pacific Broadcasting +. These consecutive awards mark international recognition of the increasing quality of Vietnamese series.

Behind the scene image of Ham Tran Director
Behind the scene image of Ham Tran Director

The producer behind both award-winning series is Galaxy Play, a pioneer in Original Series production since 2020. To date, Galaxy Play has over 25 exclusive series, with 50% of these series ranking in the top 10, surpassing even the most popular foreign series on the platform. These include: “Hùng Long Phong Bá 1 & 2”, “Sugar Mommy Sugar Boy”, “Chị Mẹ Học Yêu”, “Bông Hồng Lửa”, “Sói Già”, “Trà Xanh Đấu Siêu Lừa”, “Thiên Linh Cái”, and more. In 2024, Galaxy Play will continue to release “Hùng Long Phong Bá 3” and “Sugar baby 3” to serve its fans.

Additionally, Galaxy Play currently holds the exclusive rights to most Vietnamese films, including three blockbusters by Trấn Thành: “Bố Già”, “Nhà Bà Nữ” and the most recent, “Mai” (holding the record for the highest-grossing Vietnamese film with a revenue of 520 billion VND to date). The platform now has 13 million registered users and 3 million paying users in 2023.

See details here.

By purchasing the Siêu Việt package for 120,000 VND per month, customers can enjoy up to 10,000 hours of exclusive films on Galaxy Play, including many Vietnamese blockbusters worth hundreds of billions such as: “Mai”, “Gặp Lại Chị Bầu”, “Cua Lại Vợ Bầu”, “Mắt Biếc”, “Bố Già”, “Tiệc Trăng Máu”, “Lật Mặt”, “Em và Trịnh”, “Nhà Bà Nữ”, “Đất Rừng Phương Nam”...

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