Be breaks through, reaching the top 10 excellent customer experience in 2023: KPMG report

Hoang Kim Monday | 12/04/2023 16:45

Ensuring a positive driver experience is a crucial target of the platform.

Be entered the top 10 for the first time in Vietnam CEE Report 2023. Be is considered a breakthrough brand with an impressive increase of 57 positions compared to 2022.

In 2023, the global economic challenges have had a notable impact on the mindset of Vietnamese consumers. They have become more cost-conscious, seeking maximum value for their expenditures. Striving to strike a balance between value and cost, for many brands, the solution lies in "customer experience". The 2023 Customer Experience Excellence (CEE) report from KPMG provides a comprehensive overview of how leading businesses address this challenge.

Based on a survey of over 1,540 Vietnamese consumers, the KPMG report evaluates 84 brands across eight industries. The CEE 2023 assessment comprises six pillars of experience: Personalization, Empathy, Expectations, Resolution, Time & Effort, and Integrity.

In the top 10, Be stands alongside major brands such as Nike, Viettel, Adidas, etc.
In the top 10, Be stands alongside major brands such as Nike, Viettel, Adidas, etc.

Be is the most advanced technology transportation platform.

Be, a multi-service consumer platform, has been recognized as the only representative of the "Travels & Hotels" industry in Vietnam's top 10 list for excellent customer experience CEE 2023, as assessed by KPMG. The assessment report states that Be is a breakthrough brand that has shown "the greatest positive movement from 64th to 7th place" and is considered "Vietnam's most advanced technology transportation platform".

Be stands out in KPMG's CEE report for its focus on Personalization, Time & Effort. In particular, Personalization is identified as one of the two key drivers for overall customer experience (CX), as it greatly influences user loyalty and advocacy.

For Be, personalization is the key to improving and expanding its services. With over 100 million trips already made in the first 10 months of 2023 and 100 million downloads in October, Be has a vast and accurate database. As a purely Vietnamese business, Be has a unique advantage in understanding local user needs and providing services that are tailored to the needs of its local users. This strength serves as the foundation for Be to continuously innovate and enhance its services. It leverages technology and vast databases to create personalized experiences for all its users, including customers, drivers, and food merchants. 

For drivers, it is easy to identify areas with high demand for rides. Similarly, food merchants can benefit from automated processes that handle everything from receiving orders to updating order status and connecting with shippers on the Be platform, without requiring a team of professional computer engineers.

From providing a personalized experience, Be excels in terms of Time & Effort pillar. As per KPMG, optimized Time & Effort involve creating a hassle-free process that reduces the effort customers need to put in while dealing with businesses.

Specifically, Be offers their ride-hailing service along with a wide range of payment methods to cater to modern and traditional customers. From cash to card payment and e-wallet, etc. Be has got it all covered. Booking a ride has never been easier!

What is the secret formula for creating a "Be 2023 version”?

The "Vietnamese applications, understanding Vietnamese customers" makes a difference, many giants still lag behind

In 2021, Be became an interesting case study in the technology startup industry of Vietnam. Many people were uncertain about the success of a purely Vietnamese ride-hailing application in a market dominated by foreign giants. However, Be has gone upstream and achieved many remarkable. Over the past 5 years, the 7th position in KPMG's CEE ranking has once again proven Be's correctness in continuously pursuing a strategy: prioritize core products and service quality, and strive to understand Vietnamese users. This differentiation is reflected in every touch point between Be and Vietnamese customers in their daily lives.

Be continuously explores various meaningful touchpoints and develops a range of convenient services associated with the daily lives of Vietnamese people. Users can find solutions at Be for transportation, delivery, dining, booking plane/train tickets, recharging phones, hunting for entertainment deals, and more. Be satisfies all the basic yet necessary needs of Vietnamese people and is now the leading consumer platform in the market, providing over 15 services with a network of 50,000 business partners.

Simultaneously, Be is currently the leading consumer platform in Vietnam, offering the most diverse range of payment methods in the market. When cashless payments became an essential need for Vietnamese citizens, Be was quick to update its payment methods to cater to this need, while many "big guys" lagged behind. Be supports payments through e-wallets such as Momo, ZaloPay, and Viettel Money, and also integrated Cake by VPBank, a leading digital bank, 3 years ago. Additionally, Apple Pay was also quickly integrated with the Be platform as soon as it was launched in Vietnam. In addition, Be's wise decision to collaborate with Vietnamese businesses to expand the ecosystem, leverage each other's strengths, and grow together stands out.

Be offers a wide range of services to meet the daily needs of Vietnamese citizens.
Be offers a wide range of services to meet the daily needs of Vietnamese citizens.

KPMG's CEE 2023 report also highlights that the Vietnamese show a higher level of interest in sustainable consumption compared to the global average. Taking prompt action, Be has collaborated with Xanh SM to update Vietnamese users about the trend of green energy conversion. Be is the first platform in the market to offer an electric taxi experience to the Vietnamese community.

Besides, Be has implemented various advertising strategies to reach Vietnamese customers. With the investment of thousands of advertising spots in apartment buildings and offices, combined with creative online approaches, Be has become a familiar brand that is present in Vietnamese people's daily lives. Within a month, Be has reached out to more than 50 million customers, making it the leading brand in the Social Network Discussion Market Share in the first 10 months of 2023. Be's daily interactions with customers are not limited to the service platform, but extend to any touchpoint. This is part of Be's "localization" strategy, which aims to enhance the customer experience by connecting with them closely, wherever they are.

According to Be Group's development plan, in the coming time, the Be platform will continue to deploy services that go deeper into the needs of Vietnamese people. Among these initiatives are the promotion of public transportation through the Busmap service, selling of electronic tickets at Sun World amusement parks, deployment of the Be Mini App on Zalo to reach almost 75% of Vietnam's population, launching of smart financial management features, savings packages, and conversion of bePoint points into incentives.

Be Group has stated that the platform has always prioritized sustainable development by focusing on service quality since its establishment. The diversified service strategy and localization efforts serve as clear evidence of Be's direction. These efforts have positioned Be as a leading platform in the mobility technology field in Vietnam in 2023, providing an exceptional customer experience. The platform is expected to provide even more groundbreaking experiences to the Vietnamese people.

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