Vietnam sees Q3 GDP growth capped by weak external demand

Vietnam's GDP growth accelerated in the third quarter from the previous three months but fell short of this year's growth target as dull demand for exports overshadowed support from monetary easing.


Vietnam's overseas investment up 4.6% during nine months

Vietnam’s overseas investment approximated 416.8 million USD during the first nine months of 2023, rising 4.6% year on year.


Viet Nam’s economy remains resilient amid weakening global demand: ADB

Viet Nam’s economy remains resilient, and recovery is expected to pick up in the near term.

  • Winners and losers of inflation

    One of the biggest problems facing the economy is inflation. It does more than just make prices go up; it also creates winners and losers.
  • Reinvigorating Vietnam’s export markets

    A deceleration in exports is not only a matter of concern for businesses but also poses challenges for government agencies as exports constitute one of the three drivers of Vietnam’s economic growth.