ICANKid won the Gold Award at ASEAN Digital Awards 2024

Hoàng Kim Friday | 02/09/2024 22:12

ICANKid is the "Play and Learn - In Just 1 App" solution for preschool and pre-primary children (from 2-6 years old).

At the recently held 4th ASEAN Digital Ministers' Conference (Singapore), the online education platform ICANKid was honored to win the gold award - ASEAN Digital Awards 2024, one of the region's biggest digital technology awards.

ASEAN Digital Awards - ADA is one of the largest and most prestigious awards for software and IT solutions from ASEAN countries. The award has been held annually since 2012, nominations are scored and evaluated based on strict criteria by a jury panel of leaders of the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) from 10 ASEAN countries.

Passing the Application Round, the Domestic Evaluation Round of the Ministry of Information and Communications of Vietnam, the Preliminary Round of the International Board of Examiners, the online education platform ICANKid (a member of Galaxy Play Joint Stock Company) has become 1 of 4 Vietnam's nominees to participate in the Final Round (presentation) in Singapore, and was honored to prize the highest award in the Digital Content category.

With learning materials designed to ensure development standards for 5-year-old children according to circulars of the Ministry of Education and Training, along with UNICEF's comprehensive development standards, ICANKid has become a friend and teacher of children by helping Children fully familiarize themselves with Vietnamese - English - Math without the need for extra classes, or pre-learning with vivid, highly aesthetic images. ICANKid creates a balance of education and entertainment for children. Not only do they learn from pronunciation exercises, they can also watch fun animated entertainment clips that are safely censored and completely ad-free, bringing bring happiness to parents and help children grow up physically and mentally healthy.

ICANKid is the "Play and Learn - In Just 1 App" solution for preschool and pre-primary children (from 2-6 years old). With the motto of education and entertainment going hand in hand, ICANKid brings comprehensive benefits to the whole family with the following strengths:

- In just one application, children can relax with learning games while learning English, listening and speaking, practicing Vietnamese spelling, and practicing Mathematical thinking. At the same time, they can develop life skills through a series of highly educational stories and creativity with games that help improve aesthetics and art such as: painting, coloring, dancing to the rhythm naturally.

- In just one app, parents can have time for themselves and not miss out on a healthy development journey with their children with these features: Self-adjust app usage time for your baby, track learning results of your child "remotely" through detailed weekly reports, ensuring a reasonable playing and learning path for your baby with the automatic balancing system.

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