GALAXY PLAY Reflects on 2023, Firm Steps into 2024

Hoàng Kim Friday | 02/09/2024 22:12

In contrast, the domestic film market in Vietnam experienced remarkable growth, reaching over VND 1,500 billion.

2023 was a challenging year with war and economic downturn. Hollywood faced a standstill due to the dual strike of over 11,000 screenwriters and 1,000 actors. In contrast, the domestic film market in Vietnam experienced remarkable growth, reaching over VND 1,500 billion, constituting 42.5% of total cinema revenue. This marked the highest domestic film revenue of all time, surpassing pre-COVID 2019.

However, the VOD service market faced fierce competition from global giants like Netflix, HBO GO, AppleTV, iQIYI, and WeTV. In this context, Galaxy Play, like other Vietnamese entertainment enterprises, had to adapt, restructure, and growcautiously.

In 2023, Galaxy Play achieved: Galaxy Play remained at the forefront of VOD entertainment platforms in Vietnam in 2023, boasting 13 million registrations and 3 million paying users. Audience support is attributed to the quality of Galaxy Play's content, consistently enriched with recent Vietnamese blockbuster releases straight from theaters, such as "Nhà Bà Nữ," "Chị Chị Em Em 2," "Con Nhót Mót Chồng," "Đất Rừng Phương Nam," and more. Vietnamese content on Galaxy Play accounts for 90% of viewership.

The most beloved Galaxy Play-produced series include "Hùng Long Phong Bá 1-2”, "Sugar Baby 1-2",  "Gái Ngàn Đô 1-2," "Trà Xanh Đấu Siêu Lừa," and "Thiên Linh Cái: Chuyện Chưa Kể."

Galaxy Play also contributed to the investment, promotion, and distribution of two blockbuster films, "Em và Trịnh" and "Đất Rừng Phương Nam," the former winning four awards at the 2023 Golden Lotus Awards. Galaxy Play's dedication to continuous innovation, content quality enhancement, and technological improvements have earned prestigious accolades.

Galaxy Play’s awards in 2023

1. Won the Excellence Award for Theater Grade Sound fromAsia Pacific Broadcasting Awards 2023
2. Top 5 leading prestigious brands in Asia 2023- International quality products and services 2023
3. TOP 10 Vietnam Gold Brands in 2023
4. Certified as No.1 VOD platform in Vietnam for five consecutive years (2019-2023) by Vietnam Digital Media Association 

Galaxy Play's Direction in 2024:

- The year 2024 is predicted to be a year of significant changes. Galaxy Play is determined to transform challenges into opportunities, serving as motivation for development and growth. The commitment involves working diligently and fostering creativity to elevate content quality in the region, garnering increased support from Vietnamese audiences.
- Galaxy Play is committed to continuous technological improvement and utilizes artificial intelligence to personalize content.
- Strategic cooperation with Sony and Dolby, industry-leading audiovisual technology providers. “We are thrilled to work with Galaxy Play by bringing both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos to consumers in their living rooms and on-the-go,” said Ashim Mathur, Vice President, APAC Dolby Laboratories. “With Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, consumers will be able to enjoy Eve of Crime, and many upcoming Galaxy Play titles with visuals that come alive with incredible brightness and contrast, and sound that moves all around them with breath-taking realism.” And Mr. Arai Satoru, General Director of Sony Electronics Vietnam emphasized: “Sony’s purpose is fill to the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology,” said Arai Satoru, General Director, Sony Electronics Vietnam. “We are proud to offer customers a new level of home entertainment when watching Galaxy Play titles with the power of Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos enabled TVs and soundbars from Sony, the power that can reproduce pictures and sound at the utmost cinema-like extent, bringing a truly immersive experience at home.”

Introducing Galaxy Play's Exclusive New Series: "MẤT TÍCH ĐÊM 30"

This highly anticipated series, launching in 2024, brings several distinctive features:

- Directed by Hàm Trần: A talented film director renowned for cinematic gems like Maika, Thất Sơn Tâm Linh, Bạn Gái Tôi Là Sếp, and Đoạt Hồn. "MẤT TÍCH ĐÊM 30" marks Hàm Trần's groundbreaking venture into the television series genre.
- Real-life Inspired Storyline: Drawing inspiration from a real-life shocking incident in Vietnam, the series offers a unique exploration of criminal psychology, family drama, the power of livestreaming, and its frightening consequences. It takes viewers on a gripping journey of solving a crime with intriguing twists, sometimes dictated by fate, gradually revealing terrifying secrets and imparting sobering lessons about the high cost of mistakes. Beyond its suspenseful elements, the series conveys profound humanistic messages and explores family dynamics, providing a multi-dimensional viewing experience.
- Talented Ensemble Cast: Featuring a powerhouse cast including Kiều Trinh, Lê Huỳnh, Mai Thế Hiệp, Trương Minh Thảo, Nguyễn Ngọc Lâm, Trần Thế Nhân, Xuân Văn, Lý Hồng Ân, each actor dedicates themselves to their roles, promising authentic and compelling performances.
- Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos-enabled.

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